Between 2001 and 2010 I was active in a number of Boston-area bands, both local and regionally touring. The band that garnered the most notoriety was the live electronic jam band, Psylab. During this time I was able to design various bits of promotional materials, websites, and logos. Here are a few of the artifacts of that time in my life.

Psylab Official Album Release Artwork

Psylab released two albums we deemed “official”. This meant that we did a proper mix and master and then printed actual CDs instead of CD-Rs.

Psylab ‘Cardinal Alignment’

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Amun Ra

Amun Ra, circa 2002. This logo combines the variety of ethnic backgrounds that made up the members of the band: from Egyptian to Russian Jewish to Japanese and Anglo. All of these influences and different points of origin created a unique sound that was funky and fun.

Amun Ra Logo