Psylab CD-R labels

To promote Psylab’s music we burned various recordings on to CD-Rs and stuck colorful labels on the discs. These labels were so fun to make because it was an opportunity to stretch and be as creative as I wanted. Here are a few of the CD labels I created.

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Ribon Therapeutics

Ribon Therapeutics is a newly-formed cancer research startup. I helped Ribon take an almost-finished logo and add the final touches that make it a stronger logo. The changes were subtle, but made a big difference. I extended the line over the “ri” to give the logo more balance and call out that the name is pronounced “rye-bon” and not ribbon. The second tweak to the logo was to swap around the shapes in the graphic burst to match up to the molecule Ribon is studying. And finally I adjusted the colors to be a bit warmer and aligned with Pantone standard colors.

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This biotech startup needed a logo that represented their area of study: Epigenetics. The two swooshes in the logo represent how DNA strands wrap around the nucleosome. This is the basis of the study of Epigentics.

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Amun Ra

Amun Ra, circa 2002. This logo combines the variety of ethnic backgrounds that made up the members of the band: from Egyptian to Russian Jewish to Japanese and Anglo. All of these influences and different points of origin created a unique sound that was funky and fun.

Amun Ra Logo